Why do I have to use cryptocurrency to play anonymously?

If you want to play anonymously you have to play with cryptocurrency. That is because of how cryptocurrency works. If you deposit from your Visa, there will always be a bank trail and therefore it won’t be anonymous. Cryptocurrency is anonymous and that is why you have to deposit with crypto. By doing so you also you also gain a lot of advantages. For example, you get instant deposits and withdrawals and of course you get to be completely anonymous. The transactions all go through your personal cryptocurrency wallets. If you at some point wish to sell or buy cryptocurrency you can do so at either Paybis or Bitpanda.

More and more people are switching to playing exclusively on crypto casinos because they are hugely transparent. The customer service is often world class and their payouts are instant. The fact that they do not even need to know your name just says how simple it is.

Just because you play anonymously it does not mean that your casino account is not secure. You still need to enter your email. It can be your own or one you have created for the occasion. It is up to you. Most of their customer service members will only address you with your username. Everything takes place in full discretion.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, you will also always find a really good loyalty program. It can be in form of cash backs or bonus points you can exchange for either free spins or casino bonuses.

To make it clear to anyone who is interested in playing anonymously. Anonymous gambling is not option at a casino that accepts debit cards. No casino will accept deposits from a card or other deposit method without knowing the player’s identity. It’s simply too risky. For example, a so-called “chargeback” can be made via one’s bank. Therefore, many casinos need to know for sure who they have as customers. All crypto transactions are irrevocable and therefore the casino can always count on getting your deposits. Therefore, crypto casinos are the only place where you can play anonymously.