Onehash  Anonymous Casino 2023 – Review

OneHash is one of the most significant casinos in the history of Bitcoin casinos. With millions of people investing in Bitcoins, the prominence of this casino keeps rising daily. It also offers several other games such as Slots, Moon, Goals and Dice.

Mutual betting is a vital aspect in OneHash, and it involves placing together all bets in one pool. Calculation of the payout is achieved by sharing the pool amongst all the winning bets.

Quick Facts About OneHash

  • It is a mutual betting site that primarily deals with Bitcoins. Four other games are also available namely Moon, Slots, Dice and Goals.
  • It was established in 2014 and operates under the license ‘Curacao’ and Blockchain
  • Entertainment B.V. (Management).
  • Unlike most other casinos, OneHash primarily operates with cryptocurrencies (BTC) and allows
  • No regular currencies.
  • All the available games are made in house.
  • Its website is fully mobile integrated.
  • It offers fulltime support via web form and live chats.
  • Some of the notable languages at the casino include Russian, English, French, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • Betting at OneHash is purely dependent on people and not computers and bookies as with other casinos.
  • It is legal in all countries especially those that have legalized gambling and
  • In case of any legality doubts, reach out to OneHash support for clarity.

How Does Mutual Betting Work?

The player starts by choosing a side to their bet with each one of them (the bets) affecting the winning multiplier until the closure of the pool. At the end of the match, wins are divided proportionally based on each participants’ contribution.

There are many videos on YouTube that explain more about mutual betting.

For the traditional sports lovers, you can bet on a range of sports such as Baseball, football, tennis, volleyball, hockey, motorsports, American football, handball and fighting sports. The casino also offers eSports including League of Legends (LoL), CS:GO and Dota 2.

In addition to special occasion betting options such as the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the upcoming EU Commission President, the casino also offers betting in the entertainment business. A great example of the latter was the Game of Thrones betting.

Betting on OneHash

There are two ways of betting on OneHash. It entails using the OneHash wallet to bet. The player is required to deposit some Bitcoins in their account after which they input the amount, they would like to

  1. bet with and click on the “Place a bet” button.

It involves betting with personal transfer directly to the bet address. The player begins by stating the first name of the Bitcoin wallet address where they would like to send their possible winnings. The result is a generation of a unique address where you send the bet Bitcoins and then the entry of the email address for access of email updates on the bet results.

Even though it may not be necessary, signing up for OneHash is beneficial. It allows access to your individual betting history while customizing your visible betting offers and delivery of the latest updates (upcoming events and bonuses as well as new features).


Gamers can enjoy a faucet bonus on all the available four casino games. The free BTC go as far as 0.000001 BTC with more info about this feature available on the “faucet” button. Deposit bonuses are however unavailable currently but you will get an update immediately when there are any changes being made.

Bonus Codes

OneHash does not currently offer any bonuses yet.

Free Spins

There are currently no free spins on OneHash. Betting Options with OneHash, players can bet on a wide range of sports such as;

  • Motorsports
  • Ice hockey
  • Football (Soccer), Tennis, and Basketball.
  • Cricket,
  • Rugby, baseball, volleyball, handball, and American football.
  • Fighting Sports such as boxing and MMA (UFC).


The casino also offers eSports in addition to the traditional games named above. Some of these sports include:

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • CS:GO


How Does Dice Work?

OneHash Dice is an outstanding Bitcoin dice gambling feature. The player is required to select a number ranging between 2 and 98 and then decide if you want your bet roll to be under or over the selected number. The payout depends on how hard you hit the bet is (A harder hit bet translates to a bigger payout). This option is also ideal for keyboard lovers. It comes with hotkeys and an auto bet feature that allows players to play on their keyboard and bet at the same.


  • It entails shooting penalty shots to the goalie. It goes as follows (in the novice level);
  • You should start by choosing the amount you would like to bet and where would like to shoot (3 spots).
  • You are free to choose between staying and taking the bet after each shot or taking a risk and shooting.
  • Profits rise with more shoots.
  • At the above level, the goalie blocks one shot and allows 2 to go in while the pro level offers two options (one win and one lose).
  • The goalie at the expert level is more experienced but the profits rise quickly for the lucky players.


It involves choosing how close to the moon you fly. Holding further translates to higher profits but holding longer brings the crash risk of the space shuttle.


It is a classic 3- reel with between one and three betting lines. Gamers that get 3 OneHash symbols (wildcards) can win up to 1000 times with one roll. Check out the rules button for the full multiplier list.

OneHash Pros

  • It has one of the simplest websites with clear info about the functionality of mutual betting.
  • It is an anonymous casino and betting site.
  • It offers a low house edge for the players.


  • It offers limited casino games which limits betting choices for the players.
  • It only supports Bitcoin which is a major disadvantage for gamers that are not interested in BTC.

The casino lacks adequate info about game functionality and the percentage of the exact house edge. The latter is a huge area of concern that OneHash should work on improving. It is crucial for the house percentage to show on every game.


OneHash is a great and useful innovation in the modern world where BTC is the future currency. The site offers an interesting gaming experience coated with a sense of wealth. Investors interested in Bitcoins can never regret taking part in OneHash.

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