Betcoin.AG Introduction

BetCoin is one of many Bitcoin-only sportsbooks which have

been opening up on the US market in the last few years. In April 2013 they

opened their doors officially. The sportsbook has become a real player on US

betting markets, with state-of-the-art software and a flashy web page. BetCoin

is a well-known online gaming company based in Costa Rica. However, their

servers are located in Amsterdam over 1000 miles away.

The Winning Poker Network, one of America’s most important offshore poker rooms, is owned by many BetCoin founders. Since they opened their doors they have paid for players and have given Bitcoin as a deposit. On the same account, BetCoin has four brands available. It includes a complete-service sportsbook, an online casino in Las Vegas style, a poker area, and dip games. In addition to accepting Bitcoin, you also accept deposits via Litecoin. They bring players from most countries in the world, including gray wages and online betting prohibitions, as most views are strictly utilized in cryptocurrencies.

The Deposits and Withdrawals

Five minutes or less, almost all withdrawals take place even

in the middle of the night. There are almost instant deposits, too. BetCoin

only requires one blockchain confirmation before crediting deposits. It takes

just a couple of minutes. Like nearly all gaming sites associated with bitcoin,

players are free to deposit and withdraw.

Signing up and the Deposit Bonus

Bonuses and promotion codes

BetCoin is not as anonymous as other sportsbooks based on

the BTC. You need an email address for your registration, while it is optional

for many other shops. If you value anonymity, this is certainly not a

deal-breaker but there are plenty of anonymous e-mail addresses that are

encrypted. Because of their large deposit bonus, they mainly tie accounts to

email addresses. Depositors will receive a bonus of 1.0 BTC on the first

deposit if they deposit 5.0 BTC or higher.

The 1.0 BTC bonus is the min and max amount players will receive and does not offer a percentage or match bonus. The bonus has an impressive three-time roll rate, but players have to comply with a few requirements to clarify it. The players must bet at least 20 times and at least 10 of these bets should be done before the bonus is cleared in the sportsbook. The casino bonus can be clear as well.

The Home Currency

After you deposit into the BetCoin system, your BTCs become Universal Sports Dollars. The currency of the BetCoin family is in-house. 1.0 BTC equals 1,000 US$. 1,0 BTC. By adding these points the players will slowly open up their deposit bonus. BetCoin’s VIP program is amazing. There are over 3 dozen levels of award, including ‘lossbacks’ and “betbacks” and other incentives such as ‘surprise boxes.’

Players earn points for each bet placed, and their rewards increase with each level as they progress through the program. The highest levels take a lot of gambling but offer elite rewards such as the return of 20% losses and 2% returns. The BetCoin VIP Program is a welcome addition to a BTC betting market, which offers players little in the field of rewards. If you wish to receive a VIP Points System reward and want your play, you should seek an account at BetCoin.

Their entire betting platform is the latest we saw in the world of Bitcoin betting. Since they opened the doors, it has changed a bit and is the sleekest software out there now. It also doesn’t deceive functionality. BetCoin is focused on sports in North America but does not discount other markets. Their website is completely translated into Russia and many actions are taken alongside smaller markets in most major European sports. Soccer with leagues available for betting around the globe is extremely well represented. Everything is available for sports such as rugby, handball, cricket, dart, and more.

They have markets like Nitrogen Sports, a BTC book almost entirely in the sun. BetCoin easily has the best platform to bet on Bitcoin. Live betting is provided on all the main markets. Live betting is also available on many smaller markets. They’re going around a little bit. A large group of offers are available for live betting, around a dozen or more bets for each competition. They do not offer reduced juice markets for any sport, but they are available for school, professional and soccer football, MLB baseball, and many professional soccer leagues. They are also available.

Your menu is impressive for every game. They have a variety of chances, including alternative lines, proposals, and future markets. Their bet types are one area where besides teasers and parlays they have little to offer. The odds are around the standard of the industry. However, in the coming months, they plan on adding other types of wagering, including if-bets and reverses, round robins, and pleasures.

The Advantages of Betcoin

Your software and interface are one of Bitcoin’s best products. It is state of the art, and it is obvious that they have spent a lot of money. They are also one of the few BTC sportsbooks to offer a generous VIP and a generous deposit bonus. They have reduced juice on many major markets as well. Even if they are clear in North American markets, they have several wagering options worldwide.

The Cons of Betcoin

BetCoin pays fast for the vast majority of its players but has a bad reputation for dealing with players and response times. Although they support live chat, players have reported problems with their availability. This is particularly deceptive because of their large presence in the forum and their community. It doesn’t seem to have too much influence on player numbers or signups because you always chat or post people on your forums.

The Final Verdict

Most of the problems of BetCoin appear to be behind them. They are easily one of the top places for bitcoin sports betting if they are ironed away. Your bonus offers, reduced juice, and the VIP program are making you a real market player. You also improve and try to upgrade your product continuously. anonymous

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