CryptoCasinos are gaining traction with Youtubers and highrollers

There are many different types of casino gamblers. The cautious, the daring, the ones who play for a small amount of money and the high rollers. We are all different.

It may well be that it suits you better to play at a licensed casino in your home country and submit to their rules and requirements for documentation.

Youtubers and highrollers most often play with quite high stakes and this has given them problems so far. If you have won big or built up a large bankroll at a casino, it can be problematic to withdraw the money.

It is not uncommon for Youtubers to have a 5-digit amount on their casino account. Today, almost everyone plays with crypto currency. Although you may only see their account in Euros on their stream. This is because many slot machines are not yet optimized for crypto currency. Because of this, casinos convert your crypto balance into euros (without exchange fee) on certain slot machines to make it easier for you as a player.

When playing with crypto, it is important to know that one’s crypto value is very variable, and the price changes every second because the cryptocurrency’s market price can always change. It all depends on supply and demand.

In fact, so far only Pragmatic Play, Boongo and Kalamba slot machines are compatible with crypto currency. Most other slot machines just enter the value of your paid crypto and calculate the value in either euros or dollars.