What are mirror sites?

Online gaming is hugely popular the world over, but there are some sites that cannot be accessed by players in certain countries. Because of rules, regulations and licensing, some players may find they are unable to access their favourite betting sites. But there are ways around this, which is where mirror sites come in.

As the name indicates, a mirror site is actually an exact replica of the original website. It is a clone and contains all the same features and functions as the original website. In fact, to all intents and purposes, it is indeed the exact same site. Bookmakers have begun creating these mirror sites in order to offer their sites to a wider audience.

These mirror sites allow customers from other countries to access the site if they are unable to do so in the more traditional way. As touched upon, this necessity is usually born from the fact that the bookie does not actually have a license to operate in that country. Interestingly enough, while you may expect that the mirror site won’t work as well, this is often not the case.

In fact, there are times when the mirror site actually helps reduce the traffic to the original site, thus improving the availability of that original site, making it beneficial to all players. But, this tends not to be the norm.

With all this in mind, we will take a look at everything there is to know about mirror sites so that players can understand what it is they involve.

Why sportsbooks have mirror sites

Depending on where you are in the world, you might not always have access to a specific casino. This is because of the geo-blocking that is likely in place. The reason these geo-blocks exist is usually all to do with the licensing. So, if you’re prevented from accessing a site, it’s because it’s not licensed for players in your country. This is a common issue for players who live in countries like Russia, Turkey, Italy and China.

However, rather than using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which can get you caught out, it’s possible to use a mirror site. More and more, online sportsbooks are bringing mirror sites into mainstream availability in order to get more customers from outside their registered location. These sites are also useful in instances where players can usually access a site but are unable to do so temporarily for whatever reason.

The use of mirror sites means that bookmakers are able to guarantee their presence and platform at all times around the world. In this way, they can reach a wider market. Finally, as we mentioned, offering a mirror site can actually improve the overall performance of the original website too. This is because the mirror sites can help with over-crowding, spreading the traffic across a number of other sites all at the same time.

As sportsbooks are always trying to make a profit, this type of setup is ideal. The fact that it helps players too is just a bonus.

Is it illegal to use a mirror site?

Many players may be hesitant to use a mirror site for fear that it can get them caught by their government. But, using a mirror site is actually perfectly legal. These sites are from the official website or bookmaker. It’s not prohibited to access these sites either, so it’s the perfect option to get gaming.

Mirror sites vs VPNs

As we have established, mirror sites are there to give players access to a site they otherwise can’t play at. But how is this different to a VPN? As you probably know, using a VPN to access online bookies is never a good idea.

While it is possible for you to use a VPN to access the original site of the bookmaker, this should definitely be avoided. This is because using a VPN can end up getting you blocked or banned from the site for abusing their terms and conditions. This is particularly the case if you attempt to access a site from a country where the site is illegal.

Most sites will prohibit the use of VPNs too. This means that if you sign up, take on a bonus or make some winnings, and the bookies finds you’re on a VPN, your account could be closed. You can get suspended too and lose all of your winnings. A number of casinos are very strict on this.

The reason — VPNs hide your real IP address, which makes it hard for them to validate your ID. So, if you need to access a site blocked in your country, use a mirror site!

Sportsbooks that have mirror sites

There are a growing number of sportsbooks that actually have mirror sites. Here are some of the top betting sites with mirrors, and why they are so popular to play at:


1xBet has been around for a long time as it was established back in 2011. As such, this site really does offer a top range of exciting events. There are over 50 sports available, with 1000 events on offer in a single day. The site also features multiple live streaming events, so that players can enjoy the action as it plays out.

This sportsbook not only holds its main license with Curaçao, but it also holds local licenses in countries that include Russia, Kenya and Nigeria. In addition, 1xBet is incredibly easy to access across a range of devices as there’s a specific mobile app available for download too.


22Bet was founded in 2017, but since then has made some impressive leaps and bounds to become one of the top bookies out there. The site offers over 1000 different sporting events per day, as well as having a wide range of live betting options. If this wasn’t enough, the site is also totally secure and safe to play at, holding a license with Curaçao.

In addition, 22Bet also offers a hugely competitive betting section with a great array of betting options on offer. Players can choose from a wide set of markets, although how detailed and specific these are will depend on the sport you are betting on.

Rounding things off, 22Bet has a mobile app available for players to download. Finally, it offers a huge number of different payment options, including cryptocurrencies.


Megapari sportsbook was established back in 2019 and has since become very popular in Asian and Eastern European markets. The site has over 45 different sporting events available to players, with a wide range of betting options on offer. In fact, there are in excess of 60,000 sporting events available each month.

Not only does this site offer a ton of sports and some lucrative bonuses, but it’s safe and secure too. The site holds a license from Curaçao, which means it can offer sports to players around the world.

Other notable features include the fact that this site has a Betting Exchange option, allowing players to try and find the very best odds available.


Betwinner was established in 2018 and holds a license with Curaçao. Since then, this brand has grown enormously and now has hundreds of thousands of players from around the world. There are over 55 sports available here and, similar to some of the other sites, this bookies also has 1000+ sporting events available per day.

The site offers a number of fun features to keep everything interesting. These include live betting, a bet builder option and the chance to download and use a specific sportsbook app. The site also stands out for having very low deposit and withdrawal limits as well as fast payout times.

Finding links to mirror sites

While using a mirror site is useful, finding the alternative link can be a little more challenging. This is because the bookies tend not to actually advertise these alternative links on their own pages.

But, finding these links is pretty easy. A quick search on Google will usually reveal the alternative links for each bookmaker. Or you can use a specialist website like us, where we provide all the current, updated alternative links to your favourite bookies.

Is it safe to use a mirror site?

Happily, using a mirror site is completely safe to do. This is because the site is an exact copy of the original website for that bookmaker. While it will be operating under a different address, it is the same as the original. This means everything is the same, including the safety and security protocols put in place on the original site.

Basically, players are playing and signing in to the exact same sports betting service, albeit from a different address. This means that all the services and features are the same, including the games available, the security in place, the payment options and so on. As such, it is completely safe to use one of these mirror sites.


If you’re unable to access the main site of a bookies due to specific regulations in your country, then mirror sites are your friend. As we’ve outlined, these sites are perfectly legal to use around the world. On top of that, they offer the same level of security that you will find on the main site.

In fact, there are often advantages to using these mirror sites. In particular, they can often work faster as they have lower amounts of traffic. You get the same features and gaming experience, but a faster load time. It’s also worth noting that most of the bookmakers that have mirror sites will have more than one. This means that there are a number of different mirror or alternative links to choose from in order to access their services.

If a mirror link gets banned in your country, there’s no need to worry, as a new one will replace it very quickly.