Keep the bank out of your business!

If one tends to play online casino often, one often thinks of the bank. Are they calling soon? When do you hear from them? Could it affect my future banking business that there are a lot of gambling transactions on my bank statement?

We know the problem very well. This can be especially problematic if you do not have the greatest confidence in the online casinos. Rather than leaving the money on your casino account, you would rather withdraw it. It usually provides more security for the players.

The problem is just that more frequent deposits and withdrawals often give rise to the casino, bank, or other institutions to ask questions and demand a lot of information from you that you necessarily cannot obtain. This can be the case, for example, if your deposits and withdrawals have become a long, confusing list.

For example, who remembers withdrawing 300 euros last year in February? Most often, the casino systems do not keep records of transactions that go far back and that can be a problem if you are asked to account for different amounts that go far back.

That is why you should play at an anonymous casino. You simply have to deposit money to a crypto retailer and keep your money in your very own crypto wallet which only you have control over. This way, that can be your “gambling bank”. You cannot be held accountable to anyone but yourself. In this way, you can make withdrawals to your bank account when you want to withdraw the crypto that you have left on your casino account.

For example, if you deposit 10 euros – 10 different times the same day to an online casino. That will mean that the deposits appear 10 times on your bank statement. It is better to deposit 100 euros on your crypto wallet and then deposit 10 euros at a time directly from it.

This means that there is only one single transaction on your bank statement and you always have the receipt that you have gotten sent directly to your email. All crypto dealers always send a receipt for purchased crypto.

However, buying crypto is not completely anonymous. However, in a way it is a minor issue. It’s just about shielding the gambling transactions from the bank and making your bank account statement easier to keep track of.