How to sell your crypto currency?

It is very simple.

Usually you sell the currency where you bought it.

Down below we have a range of safe choices where we know they will buy back your cryptocurrency.

Choose between Paybis or Bitpanda

Usually they offer to buy back your currency and deposit it back to your credit card or do a direct back transfer to your account. This usually takes a couple of days.

If you wish to receive them instantly we recommend using e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller.

Paybis and other companies below only sell Bitcoin or if you bought another cryptocurrency through their service you will have to exchange it back to BTC before receiving your money.

If you don’t want to exchange the crypto then you can go to any of these sites below i.e. BitPanda. They sell any kind of crypto.

Here you just have to make an account and via them you exchange your crypto to euro/dollars or your choice of currency and they will transfer the money to your account.

However, selling crypto unless necessary is a waste. These coins are often on the rise and you should think twice before throwing away this investment.

If you wish to gamble with them then that is another thing.

If you have to sell your currency, then click on this link and see which sellers we recommend.

If you sell your crypto then remember it takes a couple of days before they arrive on your bank account. If you are in instant need of the money, then we recommend NetEller.

The payment shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes before being processed and by using their virtual card you are able to spend the money online or deposit the money to a normal online casino. If you wish to transfer money from your NetEller account to your bank account, then that is possible to. Just keep in mind that the time for this transfer to occur is highly dependent on what bank you have. It may only take an hour, but we have also seen it take a couple of days.

Be aware that if you choose the Neteller method – gambling for the money will not be possible.