How do I buy bitcoin?

If you wish to purchase cryptocurrency there are several ways you can do so.

We only write about the ways we have tried ourselves and that we think are most trustworthy.

If you choose one of these ways you will receive your cryptocurrency quickly and safely. is a fast trading company where you can buy and sell crypto almost insantly. First time you will have to verify yourself. This process will not take more than 5 minutes. Paybis approves verification instantly.

An alternative method can also be that you go on and opens an account. There you will see plenty of traders from your own country where you can buy Bitcoins from. It can be either by a bank transfer, or if you want to be 100% anonymously – you can book a pay-by-cash meeting with a trader.

When you get your first ever bought crypto we advise you to install a personal wallet on your phone.

The wallets that we recommend are the “BRD” and the “Bitpay” apps. These can be found in the Appstore or the PlayStore.

If you are using a PC or MAC, we recommend that you sign up at BitPanda.

At BitPanda they set up a wallet for you that you can use. From this wallet you can store your crypto safely and use it on whatever you wish.

If you wish to wish to gamble with your cryptocurrency you have to send the crypto to your personal wallet. Then from there you send it to the casino wallet.

The casino will provide you with a wallet address that you copy and paste into your wallet app and then your money will instantly show up on your casino balance. The address that the casino provides for you is a unique code that is only connected to your profile. This way you don’t have to worry about nor receiving your money or there being some mix up.