Avoid Source of Funds

It is more or less known that people who play casino online have to go through a lot of verification. If you play at a bad casino or are a high roller, you may also be unlucky enough to be asked to go through a source of funds check.

For some it is quite easy, but for others it may be more difficult to present one’s finances with a few bank statements. Self-employed people in particular have problems with this. So many things need to be documented that in the end it is easier just to close the account and fail to complete the check.

Therefore, an anonymous casino is an excellent opportunity to avoid problems like these. Everyone can buy crypto through various dealers 24/7, and thus you have easy and fast access to cryptocurrency. When you play for cryptocurrency, there are an incredible number of casinos that deal exclusively with crypto. This means that all the different requirements from the authorities disappear. Some casinos allow both traditional deposit methods and have crypto as a supplement. These casinos will still ask you for a KYC and a SOW check. You need to make sure you stick to those that are 100% exclusively focused on crypto and thus are not subject to these requirements.

It is most often also those casinos who withdraw winnings immediately without any staff having to sit and manually approve the withdrawals. It also gives you as a player a sense of security. The only reason these payouts can go through right away is that the casino has no reason to do these manual checks of your data and finances.

To summarize, this means that you can gamble 100% anonymously and at the same time avoid all the annoying requirements and checkups from the various casinos. Your withdrawals are always one click away, and you do not have to sit and be nervous for countless days waiting for the casino to approve your documents.