We have compiled a list of anonymous casinos that we believe to be among the best in the business. Check them out and see if they live up to your expectations and have the games you want to play.

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What is an anonymous casino?

The first thing you have to do when you sign up to a casino is to verify your account. Usually that means you have to take a picture of your passport or driver license and send it in to the casino. Then the process of verification begins which can take up to several days.
Then there is also the question of sharing your personal data with the casino you choose. Some people are very cautious when it comes to sharing their personal data online and with good reason. Identity theft is a serious threat and more people need to be aware of this.

Anonymous casinos are the way to go if you want to have fun and still be able to be anonymous. These new casinos give makes it possible to deposit and withdraw money without providing any kind of personal information. In the next sections we will break down how anonymous casinos work and give you useful information of how to play on them.

Most Popular Anonymous Casinos in 2021


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anonymous casinos

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Cashback every 10 minutes! is an online casino and among the few crypto sportsbooks available today. The platform offers 100% anonymity to players with its variety of games.

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How do anonymous casinos work?

When bitcoin was created in 2009 it opened up the door for anonymous transactions. It was only a matter of time before casinos would start accepting cryptocurrency and with that a new breed of casinos have arisen. A regular transaction from your bank account can always be traced but cryptocurrency has completely changed that. The transaction s completely anonymous and both the sender and the receiver are anonymous in the transaction.
This is how an anonymous casinos work. You send money from your wallet to the casinos wallet and instantly they appear on your casino balance. That means that you don’t need to verify yourself. No pictures or other form of identification is needed. If you win the money it is easy to withdraw. Simply withdraw your money using your wallet code and the money should be there almost instantly. It is as simple as that.
The only thing that these casinos may ask for might be an e-mail and if you a don’t want to shar that you can simply create a new e-mail.

How do I find the best anonymous casinos?

Because the idea of anonymous casinos is still a new concept there are a lot of things to consider before you make your pick. If you are looking for some good slots you will have to check out the casinos before-hand to make sure they offer a decent catalogue of slot machines. Other things to consider is the legal implications this sector of gambling might face in the future. Because SOME of the casinos operate without licenses these casinos might face legal issues at some point. Most of them do have a valid license. We don’t recommend you store a lot of money on the casinos.
The best way to find the anonymous casino that will best suit you needs is to do some research before you sign up to the casino.

Can I play my favourite slots on anonymous casinos?

Some of the big casinos do actually have all the biggest slot providers. Companies such as Pragmatic, Novomatic, Play N’ Go, NetEnt and all the other major players in the industry.
If the anonymous casino you decide to play with don't work with a valid license, the chance for big brands slots is close to zero.That doesn’t mean they don’t have good slots, but you won’t be able to find the mainstream brands on non licensed anonymous casinos.
We recommend that you look at what slots the casino offers before your make your first deposit. That is the only way to make sure that you find a slot that you will like.

Is it safe to gamble on anonymous casinos?

The answer you are looking for is “of course” but it is not that simple. As stated earlier if you choose a new anonymous casino or a less reputable one there is a chance you are playing on a dodgy casino. That doesn’t mean they steal your money and close down your account. Do your due diligence before you choose an anonymous online casino. We have tried and tested both SportsBet and 1XBIT with succes!

What is the most common differences between Anonymous / Non Anonymous Casinos?

The deposit method is often cryptocurrency only. Anonymous casinos usually have a smaller selection of games - still quite huge though. Because of the lack of competition, it is difficult to find a casino with top notch service. This problem will hopefully rectify itself when more and more anonymous casinos pop up because a big part of a successful casino is dependent on great customer service.

Best anonymous casinos right now

Earn chests worth up to $35,000 by wagering.

Instant withdrawals, 24/7 support and acceptance of all major and minor coins!

anonymous casinos

Welcome bonuses up to 7 Bitcoins!

You can claim your 7 BTC welcome bonus in your first 4 deposits.

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Simple Guide on how to gamble anonymous with Bitcoins

If you want a way to gamble safely while being anonymous then look no further. Bitcoin is the future and we are here to tell you about it.
There are pros and cons when it comes to bitcoin. The pros are that you are anonymous, and you are able to instant deposit and withdraw from the casino. The cons are that you have no security net. If you lose access to your bitcoin wallet or are the victim of a hack, then your money is lost. There is no regulatory body to help you.

Anonymous gambling

If you choose to gamble with crypto then you are “off the grid”. There is no government oversight. This means you can gamble and withdraw as money you want without paying any taxes. You will have to choose a trustworthy anonymous casino. There are many dodgy anonymous casinos and we are here to make sure you don’t gamble on one of them.

Better Odds

In theory bitcoins casinos are able to give players better odds on sports, slots, etc. because they have fewer running costs than regular casinos. They don’t have to pay the same licensing fees so that opens a margin for them to provide better odds.
Deposit instantly and safely
Since there is no regulation the casinos have no one to control them. That means that we highly recommend you only use a casino that we have tried and tested. As stated earlier there are a lot of dodgy online casinos! Make sure to avoid them.
When you deposit to an anonymous cassino you simply have to make a transaction from your wallet to the code provided on your casino account. This should be almost instantly and so should the withdrawal.

Better Bonusses

If you follow our guide you will be able to understand how gambling works with BTC. The major upsides to gambling on an anonymous casino is the anonymity, the instant deposits, and withdrawals and the better bonusses.
How to start gambling
You have now selected your casino of choice. First you need to log into your account. Under “My account” or your name you will find your personal bitcoin address. All customers have their own personal address to avoid mistakes. Then you log onto your BTC service and transfer money to that address. Simple and easy. The first time you do this it might take a minute or two before the money arrives but usually it happens instantly.
Instant withdrawals
Withdrawals are processed the same way you deposit. To withdraw you enter the BTC wallet code in the casino withdrawals section and in no time the money is back on your wallet. It is super easy and simple. You will never again have to deal with slow customer service or withdrawal processes that may take days before being completed.
We recommend using BTC because it is the most common cryptocurrency and every anonymous casino uses it.
Don’t use the Casino as a BTC wallet
This might sound weird but don’t use the casino to store huge amounts of BTC. We trust these casinos that we have listed but it is just common sense to keep in your own wallet for protection.

Pros and Cons with BTC and anonymous casinos

• BTC is a safe method and they are no hidden fees. There is no bank or greedy banker that can take a piece of the cake.
• Bigger wins and better bonusses. Again, because there is no one to take a piece of the cake the casino can offer better odds and you should take full advantage of this.
• NO BANKS! Sooner or later every gambler has been asked stupid questions from their bank. Where does this money come from? Have you paid your taxes? Forget all about that! This is you versus the casino! No one else.
• NO TAXES! Depending on what country you live in you will have to pay taxes from your winnings! A joke! You earned this money and should be able to keep it! No questions asked. Plus, if you live in a country where gambling isn’t allowed then this is the perfect solution! Anonymous and safe from the government.
• Anonymity! At most anonymous casinos they only ask for an e-mail! Simply create a new e-mail and easy, peasy lemon squeezy! Full anonymity.
• Instant money! With BTC you will never have to wait two-three workdays before you get your money! If the casinos can get our money instantly then why shouldn’t we have the same right?
• Lack of regulation. Because this is still a rather new market there is n regulation and these casinos don’t have any licenses. That means you have to make sure you choose a casino that is proven to be a good casino! There is no government protection or regulatory body to help you if you are scammed.
• Dodgy casinos. This goes hand in hand with the lack of regulation. Be careful not to get scammed. These anonymous can easily steal your money! Be sure to pick one from our list! Don’t pick the first thing you see without doing research.

What we look for in a good anonymous casino

Firstly, we look for safety! Is it an ethical casino? If that is a thing. Or a safe casino to gamble on. If we establish that it is, then we look at other factors such as their customer service, the types of games they provide, the design of the website, the deposit and withdrawal method, the slot providers and so on. We want the users that use our website to get the best possible experience! If a casino only has terrible slots from terrible slot providers than they are very low on the list! If they are even on it! The casinos we recommend have all been tried and tested by us personally! And trust us there are some terrible anonymous/BTC casinos out there.
Don’t make Rookie mistakes!

We understand that it may be daunting going into the world of crypto gambling. That is why we made this guide! First rule of fight club! Or rather first rule of BTC casinos! Don’t create an account if you don’t have crypto at your disposal! Get the crypto and app first or create an account at an exchange wallet! Note if you dop this you’re no longer anonymous.

We will now show you a simple five step guide on how to create an account at an anonymous casino so you can start gambling.
Step 1: Buy some BTC. Always make sure you choose the place with the best exchange rate!
Step 2: Use a device only you have access to, to download your BTC app.
Step 3: The recovery code that comes with the app! NEVER LOSE IT! Tattoo it on your body. Give it to your wife or another family member. Guard it with your life! If you lose that code and your device is stolen or breaks, then it’s tough luck. That money is gone forever!
Step 4: Sign up to your desired BTC/ anonymous casino! Choose one from our website to make sure you get the best possible experience.
Step 5: Transfer money from your personal wallet to your casino wallet!
It’s that simple! Oh, and gamble responsibly!

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